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Histological examination of native or transplant renal biopsy is the most important diagnostic tool in patients with parenchymal renal disease. The incidence of glomerulonephritis (GN) varies according to the population, demographic characteristics, environmental factors, socio-economic status and the prevalence of infectious diseases. In there is sparse information on the prevalence and incidence of glomerulonephritis, its potential disease burden and the temporal trend. To address this lack of information, the Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN) started the Malaysian Registry of Renal Biopsy (MRRB) in 2006 . The objectives of the MRRB registry are as follows:


1. To determine the disease burden attributable to GN by quantifying its incidence and prevalence, and its geographic and temporal trends in Malaysia

2. To identify subgroups in the population at high risk of GN to whom preventive efforts should be targeted.

3. To identify potential causal and risk factors involved in GN.

4. To describe the clinical presentation and spectrum of GN

5. To stimulate and facilitate basic, clinical and epidemiological research on GN.


The MRRB is intended to be a prelude to establishing a broader registry for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Malaysia. Hence it also collects data on renal graft biopsies.

The working committee under the supervision of NRR Advisory Committee has subsequently formed to oversee to its operations. The Working Committee consists of the MOH and the Universities to ensure that the MRRB stay focused on its objectives and to assure its continuing relevance and justification.

As the MRRB is still in its pilot phase at present, the data currently collected is only representative of biopsies performed in the MOH. In future however, we hope that the MRRB can expand to a national level, to include participation from all nephrologists and renal physicians in Malaysia who perform renal biopsies. We hope the nephrology community will support this registry by submitting information, which is crucial to eventually improve the management of patients with CKD who undergo renal biopsy.

Reporting to the MRRB is simple. All renal biopsy notifications and other data submissions are done through the Internet. After you have been registered as a participating centre to the MRRB, you will have access to the MRRB web application (see https://www.macr.org.my/emrrb), which is designed to enable you to submit the required data from your computer.



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