PD College 2015

Slide Presentation for PD College 2015
Symposium 1
PD Access Insertion - Surgeon Versus Nephrologist
Symposium 2
When in doubt, let's do the math
How To Develop The PD Network, PKU's Experience
Medical Tenkchoff in a PD Program
Telemedicine Application in PD
Symposium 3
When the sight of WHITE is just not quite right
End of Life for ESRD patients: When and How
Key Success Factors for a Quality PD Program
A Primer on Educational Priciples For Peritioneal Dialysis Educators
Good Communication and soft skills in PD NURSES
Patient Training and Staff Education
If We Know Others Inside
Symposium 4
Pregnancy in PD: how to handle?
Should PD Be Offered For The Very Elderly?
Symposium 5
APD vs CAPD: Cost vs Outcome
Dietary Advice in End Stage Renal Disease Patient: How Strict Should it be?
Symposium 6
Dilemma in Diagnosing UF Failure
The Solution To Better Preservation Of Peritoneal Membrane